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I first became interested in my own health at the age of 15 years. I always had cold hands and feet and in winter my hands and fingers would go white, my legs would ache and I would suffer cramps.

My Doctor said this was normal and that I should get more exercise but I was already a very active person.  My other symptoms were that I was always tired and for this my Doctor suggested I get more sleep when I was already getting a solid 10+ hours a night!

Then a friend told me about Vitamins C and P and how they would help my circulation. His explanation made a lot of sense to me and from there led me to an inspiring introduction to the unfolding and expanding world of Natural Medicine through the 70’s

Then in 1980 I undertook study of all Health Sciences, Eye Diagnosis, Foods, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & Homeopathy. This also led me to spiritually look at how my feelings and what 1 think influenced my health. Since then I have constantly updated my knowledge, never losing sight of the trilogy of feeling, thinking and the physical health - they are all equal and interrelated. It is my firm belief that a HOLISTIC approach to personal health should be the ONLY approach and if it cannot be achieved then we are in danger of not being the best possible person we can be. It doesn’t matter whether that holistic approach is achieved via a single practitioner or multiple practitioners – all that should matter is achieving the optimal end result.

As a Naturopath, I am working NOT as an alternative to Orthodox medicine, but as a complementary addition to your General Medical Practitioner.  I work with many forward thinking Doctors to bring about the best outcome for you the patient. As a Naturopath I can help with preventing the disease occurring by repairing a weakened body before disease appears. However, if injury, disease or surgery is already apparent, I will be able to help with additional support such as nutritional supplements to deliver a better outcome.